[News] Torrent Tracker and more!

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[News] Torrent Tracker and more!

Post by Tala on Thu May 29, 2008 12:21 am

Well, just to symbolise that we are now an official fansubbing group, we have a tracker thanks to all the help michellechan gave us! From now on, go get our releases fresh from VirtualDub encoding right over here :


I am now working on puttin' the website into order so you can alredy check out our first scanlation release comments on our website~
Plus, we got a donations button going so that is awesome as well! So far, everything is going smoothly... We just need more staff.....basicaly and then we will be in top shape to brave the world :]

And before I forget : WE ARE LOOKING FOR AFFILIATES! So please apply <3

That's all for our first update :] Tchuss~! =3


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