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Post by Tala on Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:32 pm

I'm going to be straight forward and say that if you break the rules, you get banned.

1) Do NOT post spammish posts anywhere BUT the Misc. Topics section. It was made for exactly that purpose, so stick to it.

2) Do NOT ask us when the next releases will be. We have our own lives that we too must attend to so please don't push us beyond our limits.

3) Oban: The Forgotten Trail is purely OUR version of the continuation. Do not flame us on how we chose to do it.

4) Check that topics like the one you're posting don't exist ^_^

5) Excessive swearing will not be tolerated. Only mild swearing is allowed.

6) If there is a problem between you and a member, let one of the staff members know. Don't try to solve it yourself in a thread.

7) Flamers, Trolls, and exceedingly rude people WILL be banned. No exceptions. Abuse and or avoiding the ban will result in an IP ban. Do NOT push us.

Other than that, pester us all you want! We'll be happy to help you! And we're just as shy as you guys XD And just a reminder. We're really nice people. But, we won't have people ruining a great time for everyone else. There's no need to fear us. We're just normal people, just like you. ^_^

If we find any other problems then there will be more rules so try not to cause to much trouble Twisted Evil *heheh*

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